November 30, 2022

Vicente Fernandez, Towering Icon of Mexican Music, Dies at 81

Vicente Fernández, the transcending symbol of Mexican ranchera music whose amazing voice characterized the existences of ages of fans all through Latin America, kicked the bucket Sunday morning in a medical clinic in Guadalajara, his family affirms.

The reason was difficulties following a medical procedure for a cervical spine injury after an awful fall last August. Fernández had remained hospitalized from that point forward, in stable yet genuine condition. Throughout the most recent 24 hours, his condition crumbled, as indicated by true posts from his clinical group on his authority Instagram account. He was 81 years of age.

Quickly unmistakable for his rich charro outfits and cap, his strong mustache and his astonishing grin, Fernández was just 5 feet 7 inches tall yet had the height and course of a goliath. His shows were the stuff of legend, reaching out for quite a long time contingent upon the crowds’ impulse. Continuously joined by his mariachi, Fernández was a definitive melodic buddy, making developed men cry with his stories of broken hearts, and driving ladies to hurl themselves (or their clothing) at him in front of an audience, even as a septuagenarian.Fernández’s demise isn’t only a passing. It’s additionally the conclusion of a significant time period of exceptional Mexican music and unbelievable entertainers and authors — Javier Solís, Pedro Infante, Antonio Aguilar, José Alfredo Jiménez, Jorge Negrete — of which Fernández was the most youthful.

On the outlines, no other voice of customary Mexican has been as fruitful or as unmistakable. A tireless visiting and recording craftsman, Fernández has a result of more than 50 collections and sits at No. 5 on Billboard’s Greatest Latin Artists of All Time graph and set 15 collections, including six No. 1s, on the best 10 of Billboard’s top Latin Albums diagram, more than some other provincial Mexican demonstration. He set 61 tunes on Billboard’s Hot Latin Songs outline,
counting 20 top 10s.

In the visiting field, Fernández was tireless. As of late as 2014, he arrived at No. 2 on Billboard’s week by week visiting count with $7.3 million in deals from 12 sold-out shows at Mexico City’s Auditorio Nacional. His 2014 run of shows, which included U.S. fields, should be his goodbye visit. Fernandez would play his last visit show in 2016 at the Azteca Stadium in Mexico.

Fernandez was likewise an entertainer who featured in more than 30 movies, copying the professions of his saint Pedro Infante.

Past the diagram achievement, nonetheless, Fernández was Mexican music.

“Mi’ja, I’ve generally said it,” he told Billboard in a meeting at his legendary farm in Guadalajara in 2012. “A vocalist can sing anything. Yet, me, my life is Mexican music. For my purposes, putting on my charro outfit involves pride, and it’s an exceptionally large obligation. The charro outfit goes inseparably with the character Vicente Fernández has given it. Without the charro outfit, I don’t feel I’m me.”

Fernández heritage is solidified in the public cognizance of all Latin America, where he was permanently related to his hit “El Rey,” composed and initially recorded by José Alfredo Jiménez, yet perpetually saved in Fernández’s voice after he recorded it in 1991.

Past the accounts, there is the family. Fernández is the dad of Alejandro Fernández, one more transcending figure of Mexican music who came to be known as the main Mexican music star to likewise cut out a similarly fruitful vocation in pop. Alejandro Fernández’s child, thusly, as of late dispatched his own singing vocation. In one of Fernández’s last open introductions, he sang with his child and grandson at the 2019 Latin Grammy Awards in quite possibly the most tremendous and moving exhibitions throughout the entire existence of the award, with every one of the three men wearing their conventional charro outfits and caps and performing works of art like “Volver.”

Despite the fact that Fernández voice was a huge instrument, and despite the fact that he might have effortlessly sung fly also, he never veered from Mexico’s customary music. That was the situation, in any event, when he recorded with different specialists, which he did frequently.

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