September 25, 2023

Urbanista Los Angeles review: solar charging headphones for epic battery

The most recent remote earphones from the Swedish organization Urbanista conceal a cunning answer for battery life misfortunes: sun powered charging.

The Los Angeles cost £169 ($199/A$349) and appear to be no unique from an ordinary arrangement of earphones, aside from an adaptable Powerfoyle sun based cell on top of the headband.

Genuinely reduced with basic, clean lines, they are accessible in one or the other dark or gold, the first aides the sun powered strip mix in the most. They feel strong and very much made with a delicate touch finish, however are somewhat heavier than the market-driving Sony 1000XM4.The headband is all around cushioned, yet they have some genuine clasping power on the sides of your head, requiring a bit of loosening up on first wear. Yet, essentially they don’t move around when worn.The Los Angeles are standard Bluetooth 5.0 earphones supporting the all inclusive SBC and AAC sound arrangements utilized by most gadgets, and kept a strong association with different Apple and Android gadgets.

The right ear cup has three buttons for controlling playback and volume. Removing the earphones likewise stops the music. The left ear cup has a button for changing the commotion dropping capacities and a USB-C port for charging. They do not have a 3.5mm earphone attachment for utilizing them without Bluetooth, which is aggravating for use on a plane.

Yet, where the earphones truly stand apart is through battery life. Without the sun powered charging the earphones last a huge 80 hours on battery (50 hours with ANC on), which is far longer than most contenders. However, the sun based charging makes them last endlessly except if you just use them in an obscured room.

At the point when the battery charge dips under 90%, the sunlight based strip tops it up when presented to adequate sun or fake light. In my time testing the battery never dipped under half, beating them up by leaving the headband confronting a window when not being used.

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