December 1, 2023

‘Unmatched’: contents of 70s French power couple’s final bolthole up for auction

Sotheby’s to sell plans and work of art of François Catroux, decorator to the stars, and his significant other, Betty, dream to Yves Saint Laurent

In 1970s Paris, Betty Catroux and her significant other, François, were the sparkling couple at the core of French high society and what used to be known as the worldwide fly set.

She was the male/female model and sweetheart of the French originator Yves Saint Laurent, he the self-educated inside decorator who changed the chateaus, fabulous condos and chateaux of the super-rich or illustrious, among them the Rothschilds, Diane von Furstenberg and, later, Roman Abramovich.

At Chez Régine club, the commended scene on the regret de Ponthieu, the transcending 6ft Betty and her better half, depicted by one companion as having the demeanor of “a Riviera playboy”, held court with any semblance of Andy Warhol, Salvador Dalí, Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin, or visiting Hollywood stars, for example, Audrey Hepburn and Ava Gardner.When the celebrating finished, the Catroux got back, frequently in one of his costly games vehicles. Furthermore their definitive homecoming was to be to an amazing condo in the previous Maeterlinck Palace disregarding the Baie des Anges on the French Riviera at Nice, where François had concluded he would end his days. It was a best-laid arrangement; lamentably the Côte d’Azur level, an individual finish of his all consuming purpose and planned altogether for himself as well as his better half, was scarcely finished when Catroux found he had disease. He kicked the bucket in November 2020.

Presently the whole substance of the property, in which the couple are said to have spent just a small bunch of evenings, are to be auctions off in a solitary sale as an accolade for the watchful originator frequently hailed as one of the most compelling decorators of the 21st century.

François Catroux, brought into the world in Algeria, was the grandson of the Gen Georges Catroux, a recognized military legend who met Charles de Gaulle while in imprisonment in Germany during the primary universal conflict and joined the Free French in London during the second.As a kid, Catroux was a student at a similar Roman Catholic all inclusive school in Oran as Saint Laurent, who later turned into his dear companion.

He was living in New York, functioning as a writer for Elle magazine expounding on extravagance condos, when the Italian style sovereign Mila Schön requested that he plan her Milan display area. The outcome, a cover spaceship, caused a tempest worldwide and put the 30-year-old Catroux on the plan map.

As an inside fashioner, Catroux began with the staples of sixties plan, Plexiglas and steel – however immediately moved to regular materials, wood, calfskin and cotton, blending the advanced and OK with customary furnishings and art.While to a great extent obscure to the overall population, he immediately turned into the decorator of decision for blue-bloods, royals and the very rich. He acquired praises for blending old, like the Rothschild’s seventeenth century embroidered works of art, artistic creations by the experts and legacy furniture, with current plans of his own innovation.


For Von Furstenberg, a long-term companion, and her significant other, Barry Diller, he planned houses in Los Angeles and Connecticut, just as the inside of their extravagance yacht.

He met Betty, whom he portrayed as a “residing life sized model” for YSL, when she sent him a beverage in Régines, where she additionally met Saint Laurent. The couple wedded in 1968.

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