October 3, 2022

Qualcomm gains share, Mediatek still leads in chipset market: Counterpoint

Qualcomm had a solid quarter in Q4 2021, growing 18 percent quarter-on-quarter (QoQ) and 33 percent year-on-year (YoY), to a great extent impelled by the deals of its top of the line Snapdragon chips, as indicated by Counterpoint Research’s Foundry and AP/SoC administration. Nonetheless, Mediatek held its lead over the market with its 33% piece of the pie.

Mediatek kept up with its lead regardless of its SoC volumes declining in the quarter because of high shipments in the main half and stock revisions from Chinese cell phone OEMs, as indicated by Counterpoint’s exploration chief Dale Gai. As per Gai, numerous clients had constructed huge chipset inventories to oversee vulnerabilities with supply

In the in the interim, the in general worldwide SoC (framework on-chip) market grew 5% YoY in Q4 2021. Qualcomm additionally overwhelmed 5G baseband modem shipments catching a 76 percent piece of the pie. Antithesis Research ascribes this to the deals of iPhone 12, iPhone 13 and premium Android devices.Apple kept up with its third situation in the cell phone SoC market in a similar quarter, while Samsung’s Exynos chips dropped down to fifth situation with a 4 percent share, in the midst of the South Korean hardware goliath changing its cell phone portfolio procedure. Therefore, Mediatek and Qualcomm developed across Samsung’s portfolio.

HiSilicon couldn’t make Kirin chipsets because of the United States’ embargo against Huawei. The last option’s aggregated stock of Kirin chips is apparently nearly depletion. Because of this, Huawei will send off its most recent series of gadgets with Qualcomm SoCs, however they will be restricted to 4G capacities.

Unisoc’s shipments kept on developing this year with the organization having a 11 percent portion of the overall industry. Its SoC shipments dramatically increased in 2021, on a yearly premise. The organization likewise extended its client base by onboarding Honor, Realme, Motorola, ZTE, Transsion and SamsungA Halifax representative says: “Through our multifaceted misrepresentation location frameworks, we fight constantly to forestall extortion, obstructing by far most that is endeavored. Tragically, exceptionally complex groups of hoodlums additionally try constantly to break our guards and some extortion overcomes.”

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