December 1, 2023

Only Cong fights Modi across India: Chidambaram

Two days after West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee said Prime Minister Narendra Modi was becoming more grounded in light of the fact that the Congress was not genuine with regards to legislative issues, senior Congress pioneer P Chidambaram said the TMC boss was taking a gander at the country through the “Bengal focal point”.

“Congress is the main party battling Mr Narendra Modi and his administration all over India… I don’t debate that Ms Mamata Banerjee battled and won an exceptionally intense battle in Bengal. In any case, who is battling Mr Narendra Modi in Punjab, Haryana, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, Assam? It is the Congress party. She is checking out it from the Bengal focal point… ” said Chidambaram. Inquired as to whether the presence of the Banerjee-drove TMC would imprint the Congress’ possibilities in the state, he said, “… I am certain individuals of Goa realize that the Congress alone can give an adjustment of Goa.”A Magistrate Court has guided the police to explore and write about the premise of a grievance that Catholic Bishop Joseph Kallarangatt, through his “affection and opiate jihad” comments, serious the offense of advancing sensations of contempt between various gatherings on the grounds of religion.

The Court in Pala provided the guidance while considering a request documented by a head of All India Imams Council that Kallarangatt, the Bishop of Pala bishopric, attempted to make a fracture in the general public through the “affection and opiate jihad” comments, said CP Ajmal, counsel for the solicitor.

At the point when reached, the police said they have gotten a court mandate in such manner.

They, nonetheless, stayed hush-hush when found out if a FIR has been dispatched against the Bishop following the court’s mandate.

The appeal looking to enroll an argument against the Bishop was documented by Abdul Aziz Maulavi, the Kottayam area leader of the gathering.

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