June 3, 2023

Must focus on real issues: Sidhu; Manish Tewari says ‘never seen such chaos & anarchy’

In the midst of A slugfest in Punjab Congress over Aroosa Alam, PPCC boss Navjot Singh Sidhu on Sunday said the state should focus on main problems that worry each Punjabi even as MP Manish Tewari said he won’t ever see “such confusion and insurgency” being worked out in the party’s state unit.

Both Sidhu and Tewari took to Twitter to express their focuses. While Sidhu hit out at his own party government, Tewari hit out at previous party general secretary in-control Harish Rawat and the Mallikarjun Kharge board, just as Sidhu.

The assertions by the two chiefs have come in the midst of the continuous conflict of words between Congress pioneers and previous boss clergyman Amarinder Singh over his kinship with Pakistani columnist Aroosa Alam, only months before the state Assembly surveys.

Sidhu tweeted: “Punjab should return to its main problems that worry each punjabi and our people in the future… How will we counter the monetary crisis that gazes upon us? I will adhere to the main problems and not let them take a backseat!”In another tweet, he said, “The decision is clear between unsalvageable harm and the last opportunity for harm control… Who will bring back state’s assets to the state’s coffers, rather than them going to private pockets? Who will lead the drive for restoration our incredible state to thriving!… Let the fog clear, reality sparkle like the sun upon the guide for recovery of Punjab, disregarding the people who ensure the self centered personal stakes and spotlight just on the way that will prompt Jittega Punjab, Jittegi Punjabiyat and Jittega Har Punjabi!”

Sidhu’s tweets came a couple of hours after Chief Minister Charanjit Channi went live on his Facebook, meeting individuals in his office.

Sources said Sidhu was annoyed with “main problems being pushed as a second thought while Channi was occupied with extending himself as an everyday person’s CM for simple optics”. Sidhu has been approached to stay silent on open stages and raise matters concerning the party at party stages, sources added.

In the interim, Anandpur Sahib MP Manish Tewari communicated his disappointment over the continuous improvements in the Punjab Congress and found out if the party thought individuals were not nauseated by the “every day drama”.

Responding to a new meeting by previous state Congress in-control Harish Rawat, he tweeted: “Regarded @harishrawatcmuk ji Since you alluded to me in this meeting I likewise have extraordinary respect and regard for you returning to days when I headed @nsui and you @CongressSevadal. Anyway in my 40 years in addition to in @INCIndia I have never seen such turmoil and rebellion as the thing is working out in @INCPunjab today. Rehashed open resistance of AICC by a PCC President, associates quarreling freely with one another like youngsters. Throaty language against one another that even fish spouses would not utilize. For the beyond 5 months it is @INCPunjab versus @INCPunjab.”In another tweet, he said: “Do we believe that individuals of Punjab are not nauseated by this day by day drama? Incongruity is that the people who griped most intense of offenses and distortions were tragically and keep on being most noticeably terrible guilty parties themselves. History would record that the arrangement of the Committee that apparently heard apparent and genuine complaints was a genuine blunder of judgment. Where is progress on the issues that upset these MLA’s and different eminences — Bargari, drugs, power PPAs, unlawful sand mining. Has there been any progress ahead… “

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