December 6, 2022

‘Head of propaganda’ for UK neo-Nazi group faces jail after conviction

A British extremist said to have enlivened an age of “room psychological oppressors” was sentenced under UK fear laws on Tuesday, for going about as “head of promulgation” for a prohibited neo-Nazi dread gathering.

Ben Raymond, a 32-year-old from Swindon, helped to establish the bigoted association National Action in 2013 – advancing ethnic purging, assaults on LGBTQ+ individuals and a race war.

It was restricted in 2016, turning into the main British extreme right gathering banned since Oswald Mosley’s British Union of Fascists, however Raymond transformed the gathering into National Socialist Anti-Capitalist Action (NS131).

Examiners said Raymond didn’t reserve weapons nor plot assaults himself however was the gathering’s promulgation boss and public nonentity, carefully spreading its derisive belief system.

“His jihad was battled with words and pictures,” examiner Barnaby Jameson QC told Bristol crown court, during the three-week preliminary. “He was, similar to Joseph Goebbels of the first secrecy of Nazis, the normal head of purposeful publicity.

“He gave media interviews, setting out the gathering’s harmful ethnic purging plan to the media with once in a while supernatural quiet. Different occasions his message was more straightforward.”

Raymond didn’t give proof with all due respect. He denied being an individual from a prohibited association under segment 11 of the 2000 Terrorism Act.

Raymond was likewise indicted under two additional counts, one of which was for having records on hand crafted detonators. The court heard National Action individuals approached rifles, a siphon activity shotgun, cleaver, crossbow and teargas. Condemning follows on Friday.”It is our earnest conviction that Raymond’s activities are without any assistance liable for another age of ‘room fear mongers’,” said Matthew Collins, scientist at against extremist association Hope Not Hate. “A developing number of young fellows who have become radicalized by Ben Raymond and are currently fixated on doing dread assaults for the sake of Raymond’s ‘white jihad’ reasoning.”

Public Action ran instructional courses and workshops where individuals would watch terrible recordings – like Islamic State decapitations, shootings and stabbings – to desensitize them for the forthcoming “white Jihad” race war, Hope Not Nate said.

Want to think Not Hate cautioned in its State of Hate report recently that the fundamental reason for extreme right gatherings, for example, Raymond’s was “to urge people to propagate demonstrations of brutality, to arrange them and offer information as opposed to officially arranging assaults”.

Collins added: “Ben Raymond is a nazi who has reliably shown appreciation for psychological oppression, and proliferated a radical legislative issues that celebrates prejudice, discrimination against Jews and sexism.”

Raymond, a dad of one, has a background marked by despotism and has written two books regarding the matter.

In 2015, Raymond gave a meeting for a fragment on the BBC Victoria Derbyshire program called Radicals: the Proud Racist. Raymond said his ideal Britain was a “white Britain” and he preferred the extremist thought travelers needed to “supplant, assault and murder our kin”.

Raymond had connections to other indicted neo-Nazis like Jack Renshaw, at present carrying out a daily existence punishment for plotting to kill Labor MP Rosie Cooper in 2017.

At a National Action exhibition in Liverpool in February 2016, Raymond gave a discourse taking steps to “gas deceivers”, depicting Liverpool as a city “where consistently the adversaries of this country lecture their race-blending socialism”.

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