December 3, 2023

From the archive: the future of flying, as seen in 1967

Flying isn’t yet very like jumping on a transport – yet inside 10 years it will be,’ figured the Observer Magazine of 26 March 1967, as it considered ‘the new skylines of the airborne age’ wherein ‘we’ll have the option to occasion inexpensively in Kenya, weekend in Australia’.

In an obviously chauvinist setup of 11 air ladies (‘Spot your air young lady’ was information on an alternate sort of air miles): ‘A new test with a pedometer showed that an Air India lady strolled 9.5 miles all over the walkway during the departure from London to New York and back.’Meanwhile, Braniff carriers made its leaders change outfit as they went through each longitude from New York to Latin America. ‘The following stage – rabbit ladies – appears to be unavoidable,’ said the essayist.

A Q&A segment clarified why travelers are simply prohibited to smoke at departure and on landing: ‘Consuming cigarettes could touch off fuel fume in an accident arrival. In a crisis at cruising stature, there would be an ideal opportunity to put them out.’ A crisis, for example, say, a fire brought about by a lit cigarette? There was likewise this consoling clarification for why top notch travelers are toward the front – ‘they’re considered more outlandish than simple vacationers to go crazy and shoot the pilot’.

Then, at that point, there’s the station administrator for the Isle of Barra, in the Hebrides, where the runway is the ocean side, who ensured the runway was clear of sheep and jackasses. ‘Travelers make their own tea noticeable all around terminal (a wooden shed), and leave the cash in a bread roll tin.’ Something that those flying from London to Paris can merely fantasize about clearly, it being ‘difficult to get some tea’.Prophetically, the report proceeded: ‘By the by it appears to be logical that whenever confronted with the decision of higher charges or less solace, most of vacationer travelers would cast a ballot with their wallets.’ EasyJet, here we come!

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